Monday, June 28, 2010


I know  a lot of you have read KILLERBYTE.

And I'm really delighted/grateful/stunned with the groovacious reviews its received so far from reviewers. It's faith affirming stuff. On those days when I think I suck as a writer I can read them and know I did something right! :-)

Last night I was afforded the opportunity to discuss KILLERBYTE in person with someone who is currently reading it. And who reads a lot of my genre. Gotta say hearing someone tell me how much they love my writing style and the story is almost indescribably thrilling. Especially when she said she loves the way she can see the story come to life and imagine it as a movie. (Dionne you ROCK!!)

I'm one of those people who in the back of my mind, is expecting "the other shoe to fall". So far I'm feeling like I've dodged thrown/falling shoes and possibly a few bullets.

If I can make someone look over their shoulder, stop reading to check or lock windows and doors, laugh, cry, jump, think about the characters whenever they put the book down... then I know I'm on the right track.

More and more my feedback is saying all of the above.

What would be amazing and really helpful to others... if you've read KILLERBYTE could you pop a short review on Amazon? Good, bad, indifferent - they all help people choose what to read.

I have one more request... it feels incredibly cheeky. But I'm just tossing it out there.
TERRORBYTE is the second Ellie Conway book. If you loved KILLERBYTE I'm pretty sure you'll really enjoy TERRORBYTE. (It's is my favorite of the two books. lol)

Right now I'm waiting on the edits for the third and writing the 4th Conway book and . It's exciting.

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