Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Chapter Six: not what I thought it would be

I had other plans. Often that's the way. I start writing and find my story hijacked by Ellie. 'Cept this time she was broadsided by Noel Gerrard. (You may remember him from TERRORBYTE. He's the NCIS agent trained by Ellie's father.) - you can also meet him over there, cast your eyes right ----> the story called Every Rose Has It's Thorn.
Been quite an eye opening turn of events this morning. I didn't expect this chapter to roll like it has, at all. Interesting. And no, I'm not telling you what happened. You'll have to wait until after Exacabyte for Exhibyte - which is the current WIP.
Hell yes.

Looks like Breezy will be back at Kindy tomorrow. She's pleased. Now that she feels perfectly fine she's quite bored with me.

Not much else has happened here this week. With Breezy being sick, we've been kinda quiet. Haven't left the house in three days... but sadly that doesn't equate to getting heaps of writing done.

I did however open a future Ellie Conway book (Satellite) and found song lyrics I'd forgotten about, reminded me just how hard sad songs can sting. (It'll all make sense eventually.) The tricky thing about writing is knowing I can't talk about future stuff because it contains spoilers to what's coming up next.
I can talk around it... just not tell y'all exactly what's going on with Ellie in the upcoming novels.

Oh I did get to see a fabulously exciting new press release - you'll all be seeing it soon - from my publishers. Special Agent Ellie Conway is going to rock the world. She truly is.

Now to clean the rabbit cage... such a nasty job! :-)

We need to make movies. (No, nothing to do with rabbits) Really... Killerbyte the movie would freaking rock.

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