Sunday, June 27, 2010


It's been a long time since I've worn amethyst - it's one of my favorite stones. I used to wear it all the time. Necklaces, rings, bracelets. You name I have it in amethyst and used to wear it. Then one day I stopped. The amethyst bracelet I was wearing exploded sending stones all over the room... seemed like a sign!
I started wearing citrine, peridot, diamonds, and iolite. Not usually all at once, but as the mood took me. The most worn stone in the last few years has been peridot. I love it. Peridot and iolite together are fabulous.

Yesterday I bought a new jacket, it's purple and white. It's a ski jacket. My red and white one leaks. Yep, pocket filled up with water, my phone was in it. Unimpressed! So anyway, this is a amethyst colored jacket, with a removable liner/jacket. It confused me to start with, as I unzipped the inner fleece jacket and re-zipped it like a separate top... so when I went to take the jacket off. I found myself trapped.
The outer jacket attaches to the inner one at three points. Guess that's so you don't end up with sleeves inside out and so forth. lol.
It's good to know these things.

So anyway. Before we went out last night I put a gold and amethyst ring on. Nice.

Got to Beck's to pick up Breezy. Wearing new jacket no one had seen. Beck met me at the door and handed me an inch and a half wide amethyst cuff, saying she never wears it any more. I should have it. It's beautiful. All tiny dark purple amethysts. 

Guess amethyst wants to be worn by me again.

I'm moving into a purple phase. But I see it being off set by peridot. Oh how I love that green.

Now to write.


I see you...

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