Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You're all so fabulous...

You seriously are! Not sure where to start singing your praises. So I'll do a generic - You ROCK!! Yes... you!

April was an awesome month for me and it's in no small part due to fabulous readers. 
I'm a happy little author knowing you're all reading my books! And that 
killerbyte  has sat comfortably at number 3 dipping gently to 4 and back this past week. It's exciting stuff!! And  terrorbyte (my personal favorite) has floated between number 8 and number 12. 

At the moment I am still sharing my computer with The Boy Wonder. Shortly that will end. He will be sporting a nice new laptop (and so will I). Such joy! Meanwhile, I'm not getting as much writing done as I'd like. But that will even out. Plus - it's not hurting to get some distance. (And Breezy is kinda liking me not working so hard right now.)

So tomorrow - I'm mummy help at Kindy. I'll be there all morning. FOUR hours of whatever. Cos I'm not actually sure what mummy help does. Let's hope someone tells me!!

Recently - you'll probably recall my spitting and cursing at Paper Plus and Canon over my printer? Well Canon are still the biggest assholes on the planet as far as I'm concerned. They don't stand behind their products and they don't treat customers well at all.
After getting quite cross with Paper Plus (who sold me the useless printer), it was decided to go to head office with my disappointment regarding their lack of solution. Today we have a solution. They're sending me a replacement printer. Different model. So I am probably still out the $100 worth of ink... but will finally be able to print again. So YAY.

Now let me just say something here about EXCELLENT service. Vista Print are possibly the best company in the world to deal with. I contacted them after an order failed to arrive. (Five days late but due to dates the volcano shouldn't have impacted on it's arrival) So anyway I asked if the parcel was held up somewhere.
Their response. It should be there, they were really sorry and they're sending a replacement order immediately. 
No messing around. Done. Just like that. 
And that people, is why I go back to Vista Print, time and time again. Cos they treat every customer well. They understand service. They go out of their way to find a solution. AND they're polite about it! 
Kudos Vista Print, you're awesome! :-)

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