Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Whoops forgot I was writing

Not the first time I've decided to write a blog and become side tracked... and I doubt it will be the last.

I got caught up fiddling with my website. As you do!

Then the stack of books sitting on top of my printer caught my eye and I needed to pause for a fondle.

After all the waiting I have to say - WORTH IT!!!

Now, the waiting continues for my copies of KILLERBYTE.

It's odd getting them out of order.

But oh TERRORBYTE is soooo pretty.

Breezy thinks so too.

She's been touching, stroking, reading, hugging them all day.

Funny to think I wrote all those words and they make sense.

It's different seeing a tree Book to seeing an eBook. It just is.

You too can own your own tree book copy of both my books by checking out the links here and here.

That is all.


1 comment:

Hagelrat said...

totally worth it and gorgeous!!!

I see you...

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