Monday, May 31, 2010

What will this week bring?

It's Monday morning.
I have half an eye on the time - after waking from a nightmare this morning. I dreamed it was  1:15 pm and I hadn't picked Breezy up from kindy yet!! Kindy finishes at 12:30, and I'm always there well ahead of time.
It's been haunting me this morning. My eyes flick to the clock on my screen every few minutes.

The house is sparkling. There is no one to mess anything up. So nice! That will all end when we get home from kindy at 1. :-)

Even managed to polish my desk.

Did some exploring over at Goodreads too this morning. I'm still not terribly sure what I should be doing with my page over there. Or in fact what I should do with Goodreads at all.

Today is the third day in a row that I haven't written anything. Not opening the MS I was working on prior to finishing the third book re-writes which are now with my editor. Not even thinking about the story -sure as hell not thinking about a new story that Eric got all excited about last week. I don't want to know. Not at the moment.


Now back to my non-writing day.

How were your weekends?

Paperback anyone?

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