Wednesday, May 19, 2010


It's still dark out. Can't tell if it's raining or not, think it was supposed to get quite wet over night. Guess all will become apparent when the dark leaves and the morning shuffles in.

Looking forward to today. School + Kindy = Writing time for me!!

Our goals? NY Times best seller list and KILLERBYTE the movie (or TV series). The Boy Wonder suggested my Conway shorts as movies first, so as to develop the characters more fully than a stand-alone movie can. I thought TV series with spin-off movie. It would do the same thing.

Now we just have to make it so.

I had the best email last night from someone who is currently reading  KILLERBYTE. It's awesome when someone takes the time to drop me a short note. This one made me smile a lot. It's good to know that my writing freaked someone out to the point she had to go lock her apartment windows.
Causing a reaction is the best thing ever! I just hope she's not too freaked out.

A few people have become jumpy while reading KILLERBYTE.
Understandable, really. There were a few moments while writing it that I had to stop and check doors and windows myself. And a couple of times I could've sworn someone was behind me on the stairs.
Also, I stopped writing late at night while working on KILLERBYTE. Funny how normal house noises can become sinister at about two a.m.

If you follow me on Twitter of Facebook you'll know about the Rocky Road I made yesterday. I can happily report no one has touched the secret stash. Leaving a small plate out seems to have done the trick. :-)

And if you need chocolate after all the scary talk... here ya go - enjoy.

A wee reminder - anyone wanting signed bookplates  should email me. Will be doing a mass posting on Friday this week.

Have a fabulous Wednesday!!
I know I will.

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