Friday, May 21, 2010

Sort of achieved a goal...

Okay it's a weird goal... but I wanted to beat Dean Koontz... for a year now he's always been one ahead of me on the Mobipocket list, I've been following in his footsteps unable to pass him... and this morning, I jumped him. Which is groovy as can be. (YOU ALL ROCK!!! Big time!!)
Just one more obstacle...

'The God Machine'  by 'J.G. Sandom'
1. The God Machine

'Killerbyte'  by 'Cat Connor'
2. Killerbyte

'The Good Guy'  by 'Dean Koontz'
3. The Good Guy

'Terminal Freeze'  by 'Lincoln Child'
4. Terminal Freeze

'Tripwire'  by 'Lee Child'
5. Tripwire

'Deep Storm'  by 'Lincoln Child'
6. Deep Storm

'Hostile Intent'  by 'Michael Walsh'
7. Hostile Intent

'Gone Tomorrow: A Reacher Novel'  by 'Lee Child'
8. Gone Tomorrow: A Reacher Novel

'Strangers'  by 'Dean Koontz'
9. Strangers

'The Lost Symbol'  by 'Dan Brown'
10. The Lost Symbol


Anthony J Langford said...

hey well done!
Kick his lame ass!!


Cat Connor said...

He bounced back up again! :-)

I see you...

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