Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Paperbacks, kindle, Mobipocket, bookplates...

A funny thing has happened...

No really... or maybe it only astounds me.
On Sunday (Mothers Day) both my books turned up on Amazon as paperbacks... it's not that it was unexpected because obviously my publisher went all out to bring them out as 'tree books' as well as eBooks, it's just that no one expected it quite so soon.
I was looking at at least a week on Saturday... so a bit of shock set in.
For all of you who use Amazon.uk and other Amazon's - the books will be there. They're just slower than the US Amazon at loading. (Which in itself is astounding.)

So it turns out - the kindle version of both books is suddenly selling more than they were, Mobipocket versions are still up there, and paperbacks are moving out the door.

This is really really exciting!! I've been beside myself since Sunday with the joy of having print books as well as my beautiful eBooks.

As yet I haven't seen my books. I'm waiting. I do confess to copying the measurements stated on Amazon and drawing a book sized shape on my desk blotter.... lol. Of course there was a method in my madness. I needed to know what size labels to get to create bookplates.

So here's the thing. Anyone buying paperback copies of my books - who can't get me to sign them due to distance, can email me with your address. I will send a beautiful signed bookplate - you can then stick it in the front of the book or whatever you want! Please put 'Bookplate' in the subject line. So I can find it easily. ;-)

My email address is in my blog profile or on my FaceBook fan page.

This morning I saw this. And I gotta say - Readers ROCK!!!!

'The Good Guy'  by 'Dean Koontz'
1. The Good Guy

'Killerbyte'  by 'Cat Connor'
2. Killerbyte

'Gone Tomorrow: A Reacher Novel'  by 'Lee Child'
3. Gone Tomorrow: A Reacher Novel

'Terminal Freeze'  by 'Lincoln Child'
4. Terminal Freeze

'The God Machine'  by 'J.G. Sandom'
5. The God Machine

'Deep Storm'  by 'Lincoln Child'
6. Deep Storm

'Tripwire'  by 'Lee Child'
7. Tripwire

'The Lost Symbol'  by 'Dan Brown'
8. The Lost Symbol

'Hostile Intent'  by 'Michael Walsh'
9. Hostile Intent

'Terrorbyte'  by 'Cat Connor'
10. Terrorbyte


Anonymous said...

I think having both your books in the top ten is awesome! You rock!

Cat Connor said...

No, you ROCK! :-)

I see you...

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