Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Okay you win!

I sent the Squealer to get ready for school. She spent an HOUR in the shower (cos her timer didn't go off) and yet didn't manage to use either soap or shampoo, for the third day in a row.

She's now at school... after I sent her back upstairs to clean her teeth and resorted to brushing her hair for her.

I declare defeat. I just don't have the energy to go back to this place with her again. (I thought we'd made progress... it only lasted one school term...)

Being me, I suspect she spat her morning meds in the tissue she blew her nose in. I can't prove it. BUT this is behavior typical of her without Ritalin. Standing for an hour in the shower DOING NOTHING. Then being astounded when I get cross!!

She's taken a HUGE dive recently. The last two weeks she hasn't done her homework, or hasn't even brought her homework book home. She's not out the door as fast as she used to be. This last week in particular she's been SLOW to the point of almost late.
Yet she used to want to be at least half an hour early. She's been sick twice in the last two weeks -asthma. Which is unusual this year. She's been very healthy this year.
Something is going on.

Either at school... or she's spitting out meds.

Squealer NEVER sees consequences coming, she is incapable of understanding that everything has a consequence - right up until it hits her. So - if she doesn't do her homework all week... unlike you and me, she doesn't worry about it. Because nothing has happened yet.

She's now reverting back to behavior I haven't seen for MONTHS.

I think I'll go see her teacher when the rain stops. He might know what's going on.

I hope my books arrive today!!!

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