Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Monday

So how was your weekend?

Mine was fairly quiet. Sick household will do that. Breezy is almost over Chicken Pox - and stir crazy. She misses Kindy and her friends. She could probably go back today but Squealer has this interesting Croup/Asthma/cold thing happening. Which means no one's going anywhere. Which means mummy probably won't get to work for long. Some days that's not a bad thing, but when I'm right in the middle of some really cool shit, I hate not being able to work.

At some stage today I need to bake pie crusts. Which means I need to make short crust pastry. Lucky I enjoy pastry making. Rosanne (Admin One) assures me I can make the pies for Saturday ahead of time and freeze them. So that's what we'll do.
Just so long as I remember to get them out of the freezer in time... lol. And with the Lemon Meringue Pie I have to remember to make the meringue and pop it back in the oven on Saturday afternoon!! Which might be mission impossible.

Trying to decide whether I'll make a cake of not. By that I mean trying to decide if I'll have a picture made for the cake... and what picture to use. Or will I create a new one.

Of course none of this is getting me any farther through my re-write. I so wish it was, cos I'm loving the things I uncovered within the story. Although it's always horrifying to discover a trusted character is in fact a slimy evil person.

Have a good Monday - or Sunday if you're slow. :D

Ohh and Killerbyte popped back up to #2... you all ROCK!!! :-)

And a huge thank you to Lorenza for tweeting this little gem yesterday!

Gr8 Book!!! Killerbyte at Barnes and Noble @Catconnor

You are awesome! xx

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