Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lack of sleep

It causes things to go awry.

Just clicked on a play list... and it wouldn't play. None of the music was there. Which of course it wouldn't be, I moved the entire folder. So now the path is wrong.
So easy fix, grab the songs and toss them into media player... and there is no sound.
I turned the freaking speakers off at 3 a.m.
So I turned them back on.
No sound.
Some time last night I also turned the volume right down on my keyboard.

Thankfully I'm not an entire idiot and have my music back.

This morning - due to Breezy dreaming that a cockroach ate her thumb off at 2 a.m.- has been a long one. Breezy doesn't know what a cockroach is. She has never seen one. BUT yesterday at work (we're talking office building here) Chris had a cockroach running around on his belt. Ewww. That story led to Breezy's nightmare and no sleep since 2 for me.

I manged to write a new scene.

So now the flow looks something like this. (chapter wise) Death - pause -kidnapping - pause- pause- death - pause - pause - freaky - pause -death and kidnapping - honey trap - pause - interrogation. - to be continued. :-)

Almost time to go pick Breezy up from Kindy. I suspect she'll be a weeny bit tired and cranky this afternoon.

Printer has not arrived yet.
Still waiting for some mail. I do wish it would hurry up. lol


Phil said...

I think it's safer for everyone that you get you sleep - people seem to die otherwise!

Cat Connor said...

Yep they do. Not undeservedly though. :D

I see you...

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