Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Eerie Digest

Judging by how today's title popped up, as I began to write it, I'm going to say I've used it before.
But that's just fine and dandy.
The Eerie Digest happens to be one of my favorite places and if you'll pop over and take a gander at the NEWS section, you'll find that the very lovely Joseph O'Donnell has my press releases up there. (I made it easy for you, link is a direct one... but please please have a wander around the rest of the site, it's packed full of fantastic stuff!)

I am in the midst of planning a little dessert evening to celebrate the joy of paperbacks. (insert happy sigh here)
Of course Breezy wants Lorenza to come. This whole planning a party escapade has perked Breezy up considerably. I'll explain the whole thousands of miles and time zone thing to her another day... no sense in trying that one while she's sick, it's a helluva concept to try and grasp. :-)

Anyone wanting signed bookplates drop me an email with your address - a PO box is fine.

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So how's your day?

No, tell me. I'm listening.

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