Friday, May 28, 2010

And along came Friday...

Who knew it would come around so fast? Color me surprised.
This time last week I was in the midst of party prep and already the week has flown by.

I am currently over at J.E. Taylors blog. (And you thought I was here, huh? But no, you'd be wrong... I'm over there for a few days or maybe a week, I don't actually know.)

Jane interviewed me, which was a lot of fun. She has some interesting questions.
We discuss all manner of things from death to Bon Jovi - and I sneak in a plug for Lorenza too! It's all good!!

Now as part of this fabulous interview - one Mobipocket copy each of KILLERBYTE and TERRORBYTE will be given away.
Just drop in, leave a comment and you'll go in the draw to win.
Jane gets the joy of deciding who gets the books. :-)

Gotta say - am currently reading TERRORBYTE - and it's fuc'n awesome. I've got passed the weirdness of reading my own book in print and not as a manuscript or eBook and I'm just embracing the gorgeousness and damn Ellie comes over well in print!
Bloody good story too and even though I know this book intimately, I can read it like it was written by someone else.
I'm a freak.

So back to fondling my copies of TERRORBYTE.
In about 10 days I'll have the KILLERBYTE ones... I can't wait!!!


Karen from Mentor said...

I have my copy of killerbyte *she says smugly* and I want to say the same thing. I LOVE HOLDING it in my hand as a real live book [squee'd out like pinocchio shouting I'm a real live Boy!]
ok, now stop bothering me by being interesting, I'm busy reading....

Cat Connor said...

Ya know - I'm gonna need a photo of you holding killerbyte. :-) xx

Karen from Mentor said...

I just emailed you one.


Cat Connor said...

I just printed it and added it to my scrapbook. :-) xx

I see you...

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