Sunday, May 16, 2010

ahhh killerbyte slipped.

After nine days at #2, KILLERBYTE has slipped to #3.
It's a bit scary. :-)
But I note TERRORBYTE is holding steady at #12 for the 5th straight day.

'The Good Guy'  by 'Dean Koontz'
1. The Good Guy

'The God Machine'  by 'J.G. Sandom'
2. The God Machine

'Killerbyte'  by 'Cat Connor'
3. Killerbyte

'Terminal Freeze'  by 'Lincoln Child'
4. Terminal Freeze

'Deep Storm'  by 'Lincoln Child'
5. Deep Storm

'Tripwire'  by 'Lee Child'
6. Tripwire

'Gone Tomorrow: A Reacher Novel'  by 'Lee Child'
7. Gone Tomorrow: A Reacher Novel

'The Lost Symbol'  by 'Dan Brown'
8. The Lost Symbol

'Hostile Intent'  by 'Michael Walsh'
9. Hostile Intent

'Strangers'  by 'Dean Koontz'
10. Strangers

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