Sunday, April 11, 2010

A year later...

Yep, it's been a year since KILLERBYTE hit the eStores. A whole year!

And for the first child it's been an okay journey so far. A bit nerve wracking on the initial push from the nest and first flight but since then it's been a fully positive experience.
In fact I enjoyed the whole thing so much that before KILLERBYTE really earned it's wings TERRORBYTE was ready to follow.

But that's not what this is about - this is about BOOK TRAILERS.
Yes that's right - just like movie trailers but for books and a giant learning curve for us!

You Tube are hosting a contest for Book Trailers until May 15th.

Originally I entered KILLERBYTE - then Chris asked why I hadn't entered terrorbyte. Well it's killerbyte's birthday... which seemed like reason enough to me but apparently wasn't. So I had to confess I don't like the trailer for terrorbyte as much as I do the killerbyte one. In fact in my opinion it sucks and I wanted it re-done but the effort involved in getting it put together at all really pissed me off.

So - this morning - I entered the TERRORBYTE trailer to the contest.

We would be ever so grateful if you'd go vote - obviously you'd only vote for them if you really liked them... unless your family then your obliged. (or a stalker, or Facebook Admins, or a friend both net and flesh. I'm pretty sure net people are made of flesh..., or someone I don't even know yet but you can believe me when I say I WANT to know you... I really do.)

There you have it...  KILLERBYTE turned one... and celebrated wildly.

and both Book trailers are waiting your votes.

Gosh you're fabulous!



Sara J. Henry said...

Link to the contest? Yeah, I could go look it up; I'm lazy!

Cat Connor said...

um it's there - twice in the blog itself!

"Originally I entered KILLERBYTE" (yep the word KILLERBYTE is a link)....

"So - this morning - I entered TERRORBYTE trailer to the contest."
(yep TERRORBYTE is a link)

But just in case

Anthony J Langford said...

I keep getting confused by which is which, but one trailer is good and the other does suck im sorry to say.. anyway, i did vote for them..The Killerbyte is the good one i think..

Cat Connor said...

Thanks Anthony!
If I get enough people agreeing TB trailer sucks I might be able to get hubby to remake it!! (the way I wanted it...)

I see you...

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