Monday, April 26, 2010

Two in one day and almost ....

I went to add tags to this post only to discover the tags went on forever... it wasn't my blog!!! Almost posted on Un:Bound. ha ha ha. We all know that one day I'm gonna... without realizing. 

It's been a bit of an odd day today for a Monday. Disjointed and not really settling into anything workable.

But for all of that - I have fiddle about with the newly re-written (okay brand spanking new) first chapter of EXACABYTE. And have noticed this book is eclectic song wise. It didn't start out that way - originally I was listening to mainly Bon Jovi - so the chapter titles reflect that. BUT as I re-wrote and tweaked it the music changed and other things came into play - like how Ellie was reacting to life... so we have a little Eric Clapton, a little Lorenza Ponce, some Kevin Costner and Modern west, Bon Jovi, Rolling Stones, Eagles, Nirvana and even Queen.  Which is pretty groovy. I'll have a play list for you later.

Now I just have to remember to re-number the chapters... number one, is number two. Oh dear god! this is where we discover I can't count. I've been here before... trust me it gets ugly as I try and figure out why there are two chapter twenty-sevens and three chapter fifteens. :-) 

Right I'm off to finish cooking dinner... and possibly make apple crumble. (Even though I made choc cupcakes earlier I feel the need for scrummy crumble)

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