Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Soul Shifter

I think it's Wednesday - I'm hoping it's Wednesday!

Yesterday was such a fabulous day. KILLERBYTE had a birthday party with cake over at Un:bound. Talk about groovaciousness.

Then the mail arrived. Which led to this total act of cuteness... cos my kid is like that. Well mannered and damn cute! (Mostly!!)

After listening to Lorenza'a CD - we went off to a friends place so Breezy and Squealer could play with other kids. We had a quick stop at the park on the way home.

Then minutes after walking into the house - Breezy needed to hear Lorenza'a CD again.
We declare it fabulous. And Soul Shifter accompanied dinner last night. (If you click on the blog title it will take you to Lorenza'a website - you owe it to yourself to go check out her music. She's one talented lady!)

I've noticed something about Breezy - when she watches music videos she WATCHES. She studies guitarist, drummers and violinists - not so much pianists. She likes to be able to see people's hands and really takes note of what they're doing.

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