Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Somehow it's Wednesday already...

In honor of it being Wednesday already I shall try to write without making horrendous typos. I think we all know that's not possible...

Currently enjoying some peace. Just scrubbed the hallway walls which left me feeling oddly virtuous. (Almost like ironing does really)

Breezy was wearing her tiara this morning at kindy. It suits her. One of the teachers commented that she's going to be truly stunning when she grows up. I suspect she'll still be rocking that tiara! (Let's hope the Intermediate and High School adapt their uniform to include tiara's...)

Breezy's favorite song (of the moment) is now playing. Tis Lorenza Ponce's "Baby please don't go". Breezy likes to sing it when we're out - she just spontaneously breaks into song and always has. Always fun at bus stops.

Cos I'm nice and it's Wednesday  - here's a link to two free downloadable stories written just for you. That's right... YOU. So go enjoy. It would be rude not too wouldn't it, what with them written just for you? Manners people! :-)

Actually while you're floating about enjoying the stories written JUST FOR YOU, you could... yes you could... have a wander through my website and see what's new.

Oh yeah - this has thrilled me to pieces. And it's been doing so for 14 consecutive days.
And on this fabulous note I shall toddle off and go pick up the Breezy one from kindy... and hear about her morning. :-)
The top ten suspense/thrillers (best selling) are as follows:

'The Good Guy'  by 'Dean Koontz'
1. The Good Guy

'Gone Tomorrow: A Reacher Novel'  by 'Lee Child'
2. Gone Tomorrow: A Reacher Novel

'Strangers'  by 'Dean Koontz'
3. Strangers

'Debt of Honor'  by 'TOM CLANCY'
4. Debt of Honor

'Killerbyte'  by 'Cat Connor'
5. Killerbyte

'Terminal Freeze'  by 'Lincoln Child'
6. Terminal Freeze

'Deep Storm'  by 'Lincoln Child'
7. Deep Storm

'Terrorbyte'  by 'Cat Connor'
8. Terrorbyte

'Die Trying'  by 'Lee Child'
9. Die Trying

'Black Rain: A Thriller'  by 'Graham Brown'
10. Black Rain: A Thriller


Marisa Birns said...

Yes, there is something truly satisfying about doing certain chores...such as vacuuming, ironing, or washing walls.

I guess it's because we see the payoff instantly!

Will go have a look/see at everything. :)

Chrissy said...

I recognise two of those books - but who are those other writers? Wannabes!!

Cat Connor said...

Marisa - I think you might be right about the instant payoff!
Have fun looking around the site!

Chrissy - still grinning at having two books being in such auspicious company. :-)

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