Sunday, April 25, 2010


Yep it's ANZAC day today. April 25th.

It's one of those days that doesn't mean much to most kids. Sport can't be played until after midday on ANZAC day, shops aren't open. As a kid it's an inconvenience. As an adult I think it  activities should be restricted be ALL day not just the morning.
For those in any type of service it is an all day affair. Starting with dawn services and rum and coffee at breakfast.
So today we think about the fallen. We remember those who fight and who fought for our freedom and helped build the heart of this country.
Somethings I can not hear without tears... Last Post is one. Not so much on ANZAC day but at funerals it's an absolute weeper!!

The list of those I remember is long and will never be forgotten.

This is also for everyone who remembers and especially for my fabulous Admins - (Admin one = Rosanne and Admin Bubbles = Megan) - who are Fire Police.

I found this on You Tube.

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