Friday, April 16, 2010

Just the best week!

Fabulous week. Seriously fantastic.

It started with killerbyte's first birthday - then Lorenza's Soul Shifter CD arrived for Breezy.
That was pretty damn special. The kids a HUGE fan of Lorenza's. (It all started when Breezy asked who the beautiful girl playing 'violet' was on the Bon Jovi Lost Highway DVD. Breezy tweets Lorenza via me, and Lorenza is sweet enough to reply and make a little girl deliriously happy.)

Then - how to top that? Well it isn't easy... but let me try...

I'm a couple of weeks away from HOLDING killerbyte and terrorbyte in my hot little hands. (Did I hear a squeal?? or was that just me?? Cos it's hard to tell with all the shrieking going on in my head!)

Those of you with Sony eReaders will soon be able to get ePub versions of both books!! You have not been forgotten.

Very soon the only mediums missing from this multi-media author will be audio and film, so we're obviously going to have to work on those!! :D

We had a fun couple of days out with friends this week. Made small person very happy to be hanging with her best friend.

I'll just slide this in and see if anyone notices... Next March I'll be based in Washington DC for about 25 days. (give or take a day or so) Got some research to do, some filming for up coming trailers, and I would like to do some book signings on the East Coast and I have friends to see! If you wanna see me, say so now while everything is still fluid. This is going to be excellent!!  Oh dear I hear shrieking again - it's coming from me!! :D

Earlier this week I asked if anyone wanted to review both books for me. Hoping like hell a kiwi would respond, because I haven't had a kiwi review yet and not for lack of trying!

Well, J.C.Hart did just that.
I had an idea she was enjoying KILLERBYTE by the tweets I received the other day but what I didn't realize was how much she enjoyed it.

This is a big deal - kiwi's are notoriously laid back or understated I guess is the term, with compliments. Something like, "It's not half bad." Followed by a shit-eating grin - is high praise down here.
So to have a kiwi write such an amazing review - that's big people! That's real big.

We've ended the holidays on a high note and I am so thrilled!!

Okay I'm done.
I think I need a bottle of wine - whoops did I say bottle... I meant glass of course. (yes I know bottles are made of glass and you know very well I ain't drinking out of a bottle!!)

Love you long time xx

PS. Bean - our 'Mo Mhuirnin' is getting a few looks on the ol' website. We're gonna have to do something about that one of these days! *poke poke*


Hagelrat said...

That was me you heard squeeing, but you should really have known that. ;p

Phil said...

I think just to be fair the loyal readers of your blog should get bit parts in the film of the book.

I could be dead body no. 3! :)

Cat Connor said...

Hagelrat - I suspected as much!!

Phil - wouldn't that be awesome, you could all do like Hitchcock appearances. :D

Karen from Mentor said...

Hurry up and get here already, strangers keep walking into my open arms.

PS-you will return home with no stuffings because they will all have been hugged out.

[fair warning]



Cat Connor said...

So I'll be lighter going home ... which means I can buy more while I'm there? Sounds good to me. :-D

It's quite the logistical nightmare planning to be away for so long! Not at the Washington end but this end!!

I see you...

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