Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It's not summer any more!

Howdy y'all!

We're back, woot!!

Have noticed the temperature up here is much cooler than when I left five days ago. Guess it's actually autumn now - daylight savings ended an' everything!
Had to pop out for a couple more fleece zippered sweatshirt jacket type things today.

Put my cream one on - straight from the dryer (middle of washing our laundry after vacation) and trotted around the stupidmarket and warehouse... got in the car to head to Lower Hutt and there was a mark on the top of my sleeve. Looked like chocolate. You can imagine I was quite annoyed, it didn't come from me or Breezy. I picked at it... then decided to wet my finger and see if I could remove it.
Yeah, well, it wasn't chocolate - it was blood. Someone bled on me. How fuc'n gross.
Of course Squealer is sure I'll now contract Anthrax. Nice!

Holiday was fabulous.

This is where we were... or at least this is the view looking up the beach!

Pretty, yes?

Peaceful too.

Coming up with a few plans at the moment... should be fun either late this year or early next.

I did some filming for the next trailer while away - getting ahead of myself because I could!

Now I need to fix a few annoyances in the mss - that I spotted while reading on vacation, and then I'm going to send the book to my most fabulous publisher.

Oh discovered this morning that KILLERBYTE is #6 - yay!! AND - TERRORBYTE is #8. How freaking marvelous is that?? I'm thinking you all rock big time. :-)

Right back to my soup... yes, making good mother vege soup! Seems Squealer is getting sick, soup might help.


Merrilee said...

Welcome back, Cat! Lovely beach :D

Cat Connor said...

Thanks Merrilee. It is lovely down in Mahau Sound. Beautiful and peaceful. :-)

Sara J. Henry said...

Glad you had a great holiday!

Cat Connor said...

I'm glad we did too!! (can go either way with Squealer!!) :-)

I see you...

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