Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I was really careful to click "I see you" this morning!

Good morning world.

It's a day - maybe Wednesday - let me check.  Yes, it is indeed Wednesday (April 28th.)

Yesterday was pretty much a right-off. Sick kid, who text me so often during the day that I turned off my phone!! Then confiscated her phone. There is no need to be texting me from within the same damn house. (And you can wait twenty freaking minutes until I get back from the stupidmarket to ask a question.) As I'm the one who tops-up her phone, she better smarten up and fast. I am so very glad I didn't put her on a plan.

Yesterday my glasses arrived. They're quite lovely. Purple. Not terribly different from my blue/green ones but slightly more oval in the lens. Will take pic sometime today. I can flash my designer glasses from Vancouver about the place... probably just about my face really. Nice to be able to see to read.

Other news... Miss Breezy's totally cute "Thank you" video has a permanent home on Lorenza Ponce's Official Facebook page.

You can imagine how hilarious Breezy thinks that is!

Admin Bubbles had her birthday yesterday - I baked cupcakes -which went down rather well. Yay!
Rose and Megan and I sat about talking about our trip to D.C. and NY. We have so many places we want to visit that I think we're going to come home knackered!
Still haven't nutted out details of time spent in each city - etc. But we have plenty of time to do that. The whole point of starting the planning so early is so we don't forget anything and can adjust our stay to suit. (Filming is going to be so much fun!)

Right best get the kids up. Sick one seems well enough to annoy so is going to school cos small one can't go to kindy unless she does. And no one wants another day like yesterday. :-)

Now let's hope I can sort of the chapter number issue... perhaps do away with numbers altogether? nah... I like 'em.

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