Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter!

Bit of another early start this morning.
Got a decent sleep last night so that was marvelous. Seems after another read of EXACABYTE my brain turned off. I think it was happy to shut down and call it done - until my beloved editor gets hold of it anyway! :-)

Early start today - have to start packing. Have a list. You know I'll forget something - probably my iPod as I got up at 5:30 and have added more music to it and moved stuff I'm just not listening too off. Breezy has her own play list on there now, should make it easier for me!! (Here's hoping I remember to take the USB cord for the thing!!)
Camera would be good too. Need to be thinking about shots we need for next trailer - and as I'll be at the Ferry Terminal - it's the perfect opportunity to get some I know I'll want later.
Rose and Migs, my intrepid Admins, have some fabulous shots for me... not telling - let's keep that as a fun surprise. (y'all remember the burning house footage from terrorbyte? - They're awesome!)

So far so good!

Breezy still sleeping.

The Great Grey hunter has figured out we're going away. The last few days she's been clingy and smoochy. This morning (zero dark thirty) she crawled under the covers with me. She hasn't done that in a long while. Nice to know she'll miss me. No doubt she'll drive Chris crazy and torment her best-friend Milly the rabbit while I'm away. :-)

When I got up this morning - and it's still dark now, so it ain't late... I found Chris at the dining room table  - making adjustments to his tactical holster. Guess I know what he's going to be doing this weekend.

Right people - I'm off to pack etc.

Y'all have an awesome and safe Easter break. I shall see you on Tuesday.

Remember dark chocolate is good for you - especially when washed down by red wine....

Just before I go: Killerbyte #10
                         Terrorbyte #30


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