Friday, April 9, 2010

First child, second child... hmmm

This morning I've been having a crazy-assed conversation with @hagelrat and @alrutter - because shit like that just happens. 
So anyway - I could just plonk the tweets in here but where is the fun in that? lol

It all came about because I was and am, rather pleased with how this beautiful Friday started out. Sunny, chilly, and with KILLERBYTE #5 and TERRORBYTE # 8. You can find them here

And that lead to this: 

Me, sending review copies of both books to Amanda Rutter

And a discussion on my parenting skills in regards to both books. Ya see, KILLERBYTE is the older child - everything rests on it. If KILLERBYTE screws up, shit rolls down hill and TERRORBYTE will cop it. 
BUT ya see, KILLERBYTE hasn't screwed up. It's freaking fabulous. It's doing quite well, it's trying hard and starting to hint at hidden potential.
It also overshadows TERRORBYTE a tad - as is often the way with the oldest child. 
Which leaves me in the awkward position of feeling sorry for TERRORBYTE (which is secretly my favorite, anyway) and having to love them equally but pet TERRORBYTE more in secret. 

My gorgeous (seriously have you see this woman??) and very talented publisher told me: "It's not being left out. People first need to get to know Killerbyte and then they'll love and nurture Terrorbyte."

Which of course is true and makes perfect sense.

And led to this: 
Hagelrat: @catconnor we are not leaving terrorbyte out, we love terrorbyte, it's brilliant and the ending oh god @ALRutterTerrorbyte really is fab!

JoanDeLaHaye: @catconnor @Hagelrat Terrorbyte will have it's time to shine.

Hagelrat: @JoanDeLaHaye @catconnor I could weep every time I think of Terrorbyte. You know why!!

And this: @Hagelrat @JoanDeLaHaye so it's not my lack of parenting skills then? Whew!! actually I do push KILLERBYTE more, cos it's the oldest.

Hagelrat: @catconnor surely Killerbyte should be applying for Uni by now?

And this: @Hagelrat You'd think! But no - seems too comfy at home with someone running around after it all day long. Honestly books today have it easy.

Hagelrat @catconnor what drinking juice from the carton, smoking pot with it's friends (actually, I do remember a certain scene)....

See how things snowball?

@Hagelrat I've had to hide the tequila and banned those freaking rainbow people!

Hagelrat: @catconnor hahahahahah Has it started whining about it's own wheels yet?

@Hagelrat There will be no wheels - I'm not filled with confidence by the Special K. I think Sam and Lee will back me up on that! ;-)

So now - with the impending arrival of the third child... will TERRORBYTE suffer middle child syndrome?
Because we all know the third child is doted upon freely and the first carries all the expectations...


Karen from Mentor said...

I'm so glad that the blog fairy encouraged me to hop over here today. The only tweet I saw was about banning the rainbow people.....and I had a moment of wondering what the hell?

I guess I could have scrolled, and jumped back and forth between you and hagelrat.... but I stalk you quite enough now as it is.

Cat Connor said...

Poor Joan got the ass end of the conversation and wondered what the hell we were on about! :-)

Did you see the stalking tweets by any chance? -- I'm so lucky to have you and hagelrat stalking me, because SOME stalkers just come off creepy and a little bit scary but you guys really know HOW to make a stalkee feel loved.

Anthony J Langford said...

ohh thats a lot of bites... i mean bytes.. i think i have a headache...


Cat Connor said...

You might wanna take something for that headache - imagine when I'm talking about 3 BYTES not just two!!

Hagelrat said...

maybe it's that really we are stalking the books not the author so you get all the love and none of the psycho. ;p
Given how Terrorbyte kicks ass I don't think there is any danger of middle child syndrome, you will just end up with a troupe of hideously pretentious kids.

Cat Connor said...

hee hee hee I love the sound of a 'troup of hideously pretentious kids'. Here's hoping!! :-)

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