Monday, April 26, 2010

Feisty Monday

If you've been following my blog for a while you'll know the things that TRULY piss me off.

Snotty sales assistants - if you hate your job that much get a new one!
Things falling over a month out of warranty.
Anyone chewing with their mouth open - for fucks sake CLOSE your mouth!
People who don't straighten out the shower curtain.
'Cats' the stage show being played over and over while I'm trying to work.
Slurping - there's no need to slurp - and I will hurt you if you do.
Constant squeaking - have you heard of CRC - they sell it at supermarkets, Get some!...
Okay it's actually quite an extensive list and growing by the minute... so let's not dwell on it!

It's Monday - I love Mondays.
They're quiet and peaceful things.
Until that is... I have to call PaperPlus in North City and insist they replace my Canon printer which died either exactly a month out of warranty or within days of the warranty expiring. - It was unused for a few weeks so it's hard to know which.
What's really pissing me off is the FOUR brand new ink cartridges I'd installed before it died. That's a hundred bucks worth of ink I can't use - and now Paper Plus are saying they don't have to replace or fix it at no cost due to the expired warranty. But they're going back to Canon to see what they say.
Let me draw your attention to a little thing called the Consumer Guarantees Act -and the simple fact that I EXPECTED this printer to last at least five years - like ALL my other printers.
I've never had a Canon printer before - and unless this is resolved (ie, I get a nice new printer and my ink back) I'll not be touching Canon again - with a barge pole! I'll stick with HP and Epson, who I know make reliable printers that go the distance and then some.  Actually if they reimburse me for the ink I could put a new toner cartridge in my HP laser. (And go looking for a HP color inkjet on sale at a later date)

I'm annoyed that there is any dicking around at all over this.

As for the rest of my Monday... Who knows how it will go? It's not even 10 a.m. yet. :-)

I do know that I don't want any volcanoes blowing up any time soon cos I'm waiting for my PRINT proofs of killerbyte and terrorbyte. And they're coming from England.

My new reading glasses are coming from Vancouver - which I find bizarre when I ordered them from a NZ company. But it does explain why it's taking so damn long to get them!! Would've been a better idea for the company to SAY the glasses are made in Vancouver up front, and not after I've emailed twice asking where they are. (having been sure they were supposed to be here by April 21st... now they say May 7th, I can live with that but it would've been polite to say so earlier.)

No one's getting away with anything today. lol

So don't try!


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