Saturday, May 1, 2010

And the re-write begins

This is the bit I love. Seriously. The coming up with the initial idea and the first drafts are hard work. The re-writing, re-vamping, tweaking of characters, chopping of darlings... now that's where the fun is at.

I knew what my editor was going to say before she said it. And she's right. (It's pretty rare for me to disagree with her.)

So with a brand spanking new first chapter written and the joy of threading the ramifications  throughout the manuscript... while culling darlings, beefing up characters, cutting back on the grief that keeps wheedling its way back in, and working in a really cool little bit of South African horror that my lovely editor fed on a spoon - which ties in perfectly with the plot, and trying to figure out why Kurt irritates Ellie so much - I'm all set for the next few weeks of major over hauling. And so psyched about it too.  Already have a scrap file titled - Exacabyte darlings - for the scenes I'm tossing and ya know those really cool sentences that can one day be re-cycled.

Last night I set about to discover how many times I can play one song before it annoys me. I went to bed after hearing it almost twenty times. (not counting the times it played as part of a short playlist)
It never did annoy me and was still in head my this morning and I've had to share the link with neighbor Kane.
I'll pop the vid link in here too - think I've done it before actually. C'est la vie.

Kevin Costner and Modern West: Let me be the one

Oh and this is helping hugely.

Let me just pop in a little graphic full of links. :-)  I'll stop giggling like a loon at some stage - but NUMBER THREE warrants some giggling!  Oh my!!!  And I suspect it warrants a nice bottle of something red... again.

'The Good Guy'  by 'Dean Koontz'
1. The Good Guy

'Gone Tomorrow: A Reacher Novel'  by 'Lee Child'
2. Gone Tomorrow: A Reacher Novel

'Killerbyte'  by 'Cat Connor'
3. Killerbyte

'Terminal Freeze'  by 'Lincoln Child'
4. Terminal Freeze

'Deep Storm'  by 'Lincoln Child'
5. Deep Storm

'Executive Orders'  by 'TOM CLANCY'
6. Executive Orders

'The Lost Symbol'  by 'Dan Brown'
7. The Lost Symbol

'Die Trying'  by 'Lee Child'
8. Die Trying

'Tripwire'  by 'Lee Child'
9. Tripwire

'Without Fail'  by 'Lee Child'
10. Without Fail


Lee said...

well done, killerbyte

Cat Connor said...

killerbyte thanks you Lee! Good to see you today.

I see you...

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