Thursday, April 1, 2010

Zero Dark Thirty

Good morning!

Or happy middle of the night...

Seems that sleep has failed me tonight. More than likely because I worked until about twenty past ten tonight and my brain was so fired it is having trouble shutting down.
Could also be that flipping full moon! (You know what cat's get like on a full moon.)
So anyway, it's the wee small hours - zero dark thirty springs to mind - and I'm back here in front of my PC. Bathed in the glow of my desk lamp, and wondering if I should read through EXACABYTE now, while I have all this awake time and peace.
(I wonder if Ellie's insomnia rubbed off on me...)

Okay I just plugged my head phones in, it's not going to be quiet for long. I need to convert some files for the iPod whatsit before we go away on Friday - me and Breezy without music for five days is NOT a good thing.

I'm drinking hot chocolate and listening to Modern West. It could be worse! :-)

I much happier with the 3rd book now. It really bugged me this one. I didn't know it would be so hard to pull it together without Mac. (The plot doesn't depend upon him, obviously.) My novels are about the characters as much as they are about the plot and Ellie was all over the place like a mad womans knitting for a while there!
Feels like I have it now.
A couple of likely heroes turned up.
Delta has a new team member and life is set to get even more interesting for Ellie.

Been a super productive week.

Still haven't finished the Conway Easter story. But I doubt anyone will mind (or possibly notice) if that doesn't go up until late next week.

Right I'm reading... have a good day!

(links to iTunes available from my website)


Mobipocket - killerbyte
Mobipocket - terrorbyte

No word yet on paperback, but should be soon!

Love you long time xx


Hagelrat said...

wow, you are a productive insomniac.

Cat Connor said...

Can't see the point in wasting perfectly good work time! :-) Tonight I shall sleep... like the dead!

I see you...

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