Thursday, March 11, 2010

You know that nagging feeling that you've forgotten something?

It really annoys me - and it's been lurking ALL week. But why? There's nothing in my diary that I've missed. (I know I just checked!)

So this week... worked Monday and Tuesday mornings -which was immensely satisfying. Having hit a wall with book 3 - and simply not being able to see the wood for the trees, I'm now back on track and have upped the stakes considerably.

Yesterday was a kindy trip to school. No work -grumble grumble. A large child (one more Big Mac and the kid will explode large) used my left arm as a jungle gym, which accounts for the pain in my shoulder now. Good thing it wasn't my right arm - cos that would've popped that sucker right the hell out.
Yesterday afternoon Breezy had a play date with Molly. You just don't get much cuter than that.
Molly's mum is a fabulous artist. I am in serious awe of her work. Oh my, she's really amazing.

So today... I finally found out that I didn't win the EPIC award. Which doesn't bother me at all, I was delighted to be a finalist with my FIRST book. Not bad! Shall I enter Terrorbyte into next years EPIC awards? I think I shall...
If at first you don't succeed... (nothing sucks seeds like a budgie.. don't ask, it just popped into my head)

I spent a good deal of time trying to do the impossible today - even took a break to pick up Breezy and resumed my quest into the land of stupid. You'd think the break would've allowed sense to prevail... ah.. no.
Turns out - if something truly can't be done, believing it can does not help. So I did it another way and finished the shoulder bag I was making for Squealer. Cos she asked for one like mine - which I made without any trouble whatsoever on Sunday... yeah, I know... apparently between Sunday and Thursday my brain stopped.

There you have it - an overview of my week.

So, tell me... what have you all been up to?

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