Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday afternoon, cupcakes, and turtles

It is Sunday afternoon - one of those lovely almost autumn afternoons. Not as hot as it has been, clear blue skies, and a gentle breeze. There is a stillness in the air despite the slight breeze and it's quiet. There is a hint of earthquake weather to the day. (of course there is no such thing as earthquake weather... but we know what we mean.)

Breezy and I made cupcakes this afternoon - both lemon and orange. They're now iced and decorated - and tested. We declare them delicious!

Yesterday I made cheeseburger turtles for dinner - unlike the turtle recipe I found that really is not a recipe at all - I made mine tasty, adding diced onion, sage, breadcrumbs, plenty of salt and pepper. The result - a filling and truly yummy creation, that looked kinda like a cooked turtle with a hint of roadkill. Probably a good thing Squealer wasn't here for dinner... I suspect this would've caused one helluva meltdown!!
Not bad for a first attempt. The Boy Wonder and husband were impressed.

As for the rest of the weekend... it's been one of research. Having to watch excerpts from Moonlighting... as you can imagine it's been hell. :-)  All that Bruce Willis... it's not easy you know, watching all that and calling it research.

Other stuff... the re-writing of Exacabyte is going well. Wasn't so much a re-writing as a putting back of a lot of removed scenes and a ramping up of the stakes. It's fun but slow going.  We're getting there.

Goodness there seems to be some whining going on behind me. (and not the sort that comes from a bottle with a pretty label)

Oh yeah - loser neighbor has a loser friend and their new past-time is watching me every time I go out into the backyard. Loser neighbor was supposedly moving to Taranaki this weekend -seems that hasn't happened. AGAIN. We're looking at putting up trellis on top of the fence to block his view.. .think I'll grow Bougainvilla over the trellis. Have old-fashioned VERY thorny roses all along the six foot back fence.

Y'all have fun.
I've got cupcakes to eat for afternoon tea!


Hagelrat said...

heehee I love that you are so inventive with food. :)
Twitter is down am traumatised but pop over and place your vote on Gav and my SFF novels list. :)

Cat Connor said...

That feels kinda like cheating - I haven't read fantasy since the Dragonlance series... and don't believe I've read SF since I read L.Ron Hubbard's Battle field earth.

I'm more ya mystery, thriller, suspense, humor type of reader!!

But I'll go see when I get back from kindy! :-) Cos I love ya.

I see you...

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