Saturday, March 6, 2010

It's the weekend!

Saturday seems to come around quick these days. (and I forgot to give this blog a title so have added one... lol)

A little too quickly for my liking.

Last night I was chatting with my fabulous publisher and a story idea emerged. A short horror about an editor. (Let me quickly point out - we're not talking about our editor at Rebel, cos she is most awesome.) The story idea amused us both. At some stage I shall write it. (Because Joanie said she has too many projects at the moment.) So with that in mind - I shall go searching for a file I kept from a few years back, a file that almost did me in as far as writing goes. I simply could not (and still can't) grasp how the man who wrote the contents of the file could possibly be an editor. To this day the ridiculous comment he made still baffle me.
We have our villain... and I know how he shall die.

So anyway - been a week of changes.

KILLERBYTE is back at #10 on the Mobipocket best of thriller/suspense list. Which has thrilled the hell outta me. Of course, this is me, and I think it should be #1. (See what you can all do about that, will ya?)

Breezy started morning kindy this week. I now have four hours five days a week to work uninterrupted. There is going to be a new rule starting Monday, for Monday through to Friday. No visitors, no phone calls, no freaking texting me until after 12:30 pm every day.
Pretend I am AT work and therefore unreachable until lunchtime unless it's a dire emergency. (I'm talking bleeding out or limb hanging off.)

This is necessary.
I've waited a LONG freaking time to have time for me. Now I have it - I'm hanging on to it and not letting go! It's now my choice if I wanna write, blog, chat on twitter - keep up with all manner of online social network sites, etc. But now that the first week is over - and I've played and had some fun... I'm ready to settle down to work.

Right - now I'm going back to finish watching "Bon Jovi: live at Madison Square Garden"

Have a good weekend!


Phil said...

If I were an editor and you had a story about an editor; I'd be afraid... very afraid!

Cat Connor said...

I like that you think that way, Phil! :-)

I see you...

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