Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oh exciting times!

Okay so maybe I've eaten too many pretzels and the salt is effecting my brain (you know the way sea water makes you nuts) but had a totally exciting moment this afternoon.

Ya see... I went over to check Amazon because I have some shorts, and a collection of shorts as well as both novels on Kindle over there. And - this is where it gets exciting, so prepare yourself.... I sold a short story!!!
Yes  I did!
And I'm very excited about it! (Can you tell?)

I'll try and calm down soon, but quite frankly this is exciting stuff. It means someone found my stories... and if one person did others will too!!
Snowball effect could start at any moment...

Now I need to go calm down long enough to watch NCIS.

So to whomever bought my story -thank you and I really hope you enjoy Mac's Valentine story. :-)


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Hagelrat said...

yay we are sqealing with joy here too.

I see you...

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