Monday, March 22, 2010

Oddly quiet here...perhaps I should investigate?

Maybe I should but I'm going to take advantage of the uncharacteristic quiet and blog.

Today I discovered that Exacabyte has thirty-nine chapters. Seems excessive, I may chop one or two out - if I can. Suspect I can't though, maybe I can drastically reduce a few and lump them together? I also discovered it takes sixteen days from the beginning of the story until Ellie closes the case. (not to read obviously - but for Ellie to put all the pieces together and well, save the world.)
I'm thinking this book is living up to it's name. I was chopping great swathes from the ms all last week and re-writing - now the word count is 5k higher than before I started chopping!!

What else did I learn today... that Breezy is wise beyond her four years. Someone was particularly nasty on Facebook this morning. I commented aloud about the meanness and Breezy piped up and said, "Don't be their friend. They don't deserve to know you anyway." She's right. People have no business judging others or throwing stones especially when they live in a glass house. (Last time I checked NO ONE was perfect.)
Imagine my annoyance when I discovered I couldn't delete the stupid person, because they weren't a friend to start with... then I started thinking about a really cool story idea.
About deleting people off a friends list and having them disappear in real life... I've started making notes so mitts off my idea!!
Don't fuck with me or I'll delete you!

On child rearing I have this to say - children need to learn coping skills for life. You don't always win. You don't always get your own way. People aren't perfect. It's okay to get mad, sad, happy, crazy, have a meltdown, cry, laugh, love etc - because that's how we learn to cope with our emotions.
If you keep a child in a calm bubble life is going to come as one hell of a shock.
Kids do stupid unthinking things, that's why they are kids. Time out does work, but you have to be consistent about it. Children need to breath, so give them room to do so. It's okay to be a parent and say NO. It's also okay to make kids wait for you to finish what you are doing. (You're a parent not a slave.) Most of all, there is life beyond the children. Embrace it, because you can't take care of others if you don't look after yourself. And this is a biggie -it's not selfish to do things you enjoy or carve out a career. In fact I think it's good for kids to see parents following dreams, doing what they love, and it's good for them to witness the good times and struggles along the way. It teaches them perseverance and that not everything is instant.

*Steps off soap box*

As you were...

Love you long time... mean it. xx


Sara J. Henry said...

Nothing wrong with 39 chapters! Short chapters can make pacing work better - LEARNING TO SWIM has 50. Maybe EXCABYTE needs tightening, but you'll see that on the re-read - or I will!

Cat Connor said...

True enough! I quite like 39 as a number. I actually like short chapters.

50's good. LEARNING TO SWIM is fantastic!

Anthony J Langford said...

Yeah I have to admit that short chapters work well with reading too. It doesnt matter how many as long as the story gets told in the space it needs to.

Cat Connor said...

Excellent seems we have a consensus regarding chapter length! Not all mine are short - but I suspect they will all end up that way! :-)

Karen from Mentor said...

Commenting on the part of this post where you stood on your soapbox? Can I just add an amen? Just goes to show that you are wise beyond your [29]years m'lady.


Cat Connor said...

Generous and cute - crikey Karen you have it all! :-)

Hagelrat said...

ha, Ellie is messing with you. ;)

Cat Connor said...

If she goes Alfred Hitchcock on me we could be in for BIG trouble! :-)
Damn her getting into my head and knowing my favorite Hitchcock movie was 39 steps!!

I see you...

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