Saturday, March 27, 2010

The little things that make me smile

So I'm hooked on the globe at the bottom of my blog -  I love seeing where people come from and it tickles me that they drop by my blog. (So hello!! That's me waving from down the bottom of the world.)

When I came in a few minutes ago I noticed someone from Trenton New Jersey was visiting. Absolutely made my day. (Of course Stephanie Plum lives in Trenton -or she would if she were real and not a character dreamed up by Janet Evanovich.) Which of course means it can't be Morelli or Ranger either but hell, a girl can dream.

Eric text me today (not an uncommon occurrence) because he was in the city and decided to go to Borders and ask if they had KILLERBYTE yet. Which they don't because it's not been released in paperback yet. But it was a fun exercise.

So far this weekend - I've done very little writing. I did tweak a few conversations in EXACABYTE but that was about all. I intend to do some more tonight.

Been shopping.

That was pure joy.

Have Robin Hood Prince of Thieves on DVD now... so I'll be watching that later and got Wizard of Oz for Breezy to watch. I suspect she'll love it and require ruby slippers!!
Now to go make coffee for Rose and Migs.

Have a good Saturday folks.


Anthony J Langford said...

Its so nice having international visitors.

Keep us updated on the paperback.

I love The Wizard of Oz.. and kids still love it.. hasnt dated at all.

ok, might just a smidge.

Cat Connor said...

Waiting to here paperback news! End of March is tomorrow and nothing yet!! :-)

Wizard of Oz is still good - Squealer and Breezy sat through the whole thing - sepia beginning an' all, and loved it.

I see you...

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