Sunday, March 21, 2010

Don't ya hate when...

You think about writing a blog - open blogger then remember something you wanted to see on YouTube - then forget completely what you were doing to start with? Cos bloody hell, I do!

(Yes that means I opened blogger then got sucked into the world that it YouTube and only just found my way back here -quite some time has lapsed... )

Okay so it's Sunday evening. This weekend has been rather light writing wise, in that I haven't really done any to speak of. Was actually thinking of re-writing my synopsis to reflect the big changes I made last week to Exacabyte, but I really truly dislike synopses so I'll be putting that off as long as possible.

I got to thinking about this story and the song Ellie hears in her head right before she meets a kid in the beginning -

Yeah that's the song.

Tomorrow I want to get this revised version on Exacabyte finished - so you won't be seeing me here until Monday afternoon!
Have a good Monday - or Sunday if that's where you are headed.



Anthony J Langford said...

Oh yes.. the internet sucks so much time.. pity its so much

Cat Connor said...

Yes! And full of Bon Jovi - and even writers need eye candy. :-)

I see you...

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