Friday, February 12, 2010

today I am...

Well, I'm fabulous as usual... but I am also over at Un:bound for a touch of 'Writers reading' So if you've ever wanted to wander through my bookcases now is your chance. Go on, satisfy your inner nosy neighbor.

This week has been rather odd really. I haven't been able to concentrate on writing as much as I'd like, possibly because I'm not done with the reading yet. That I haven't finished the reading is most peculiar. Guess it points to a bit of fragmentation. Discombobulation even.

Just writing this blog has found me distracted already! Yep -I wandered off to read the newspaper online and forgot what I was doing.

It's Friday today - the week seems to be entirely too short. Maybe I missed some of it.

I've been thinking about what I want to achieve this year. Early last year my goal was to find an agent or a publisher or both. We can check that off the list.
I have an awesome publisher.
While we were going through the editing process for killerbyte I learned how to create a book trailer for killerbyte.
Then the joy of killerbyte being released.
A while after that I submitted my next book to my publishers. While the editing process got under way I started work on the book trailer for terrorbyte.
And then the release of  terrorbyte became my focus.
I wrote another book in this series. (Satellite/Pedabyte)
So that 2009 in a nut shell.

So it's 2010: Now what?
I want to get Exacabyte onto my publishers desk soonish. (that's book 3 folks)
Cross everything that my publishers love it!!
All going well  ^^- make the trailer. (which is going to be a ton of fun)
To have killerbyte (and terrorbyte) released as paperbacks.
Find a way to make NZ wake up!
Ultimately I'd like to see killerbyte as either a TV series or movie. - as yet I have no idea how to go about that. I suspect I may need an agent after all.

Between writing the last sentence and now - I've wandered off and found out more about the film/TV process. Well, that's a start!

So what goals do you have?


Hagelrat said...

Goals? Hmm, I think, except for the magically being slim overnight thing, my goals are pretty much easing along, work is good, unbound is growing steadily. Life is sweet.

Cat Connor said...

Good to know! :-)

When you stumble upon that magic thing -let me know, yeah? ;-)

I see you...

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