Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This really could be fun.

Okay so it's early in the school year. It has almost been a month since school went back. Squealer is having a marvelous time so far.
So much so that her very nice teacher hasn't seen hide nor hair of any Aspergers symptoms. She's out the door with a smile on her face at 8:30 every morning, and out the school door at 3pm - smiling.
She's taking part in the class. Raising her hand. Answering questions. Speaking in front of the class -regularly -her choice. Her written and oral language are both very strong, maths still sucks but it's improving.
She has friends.

It's almost as if this is a different kid.

So what's happened?

She has a teacher she trusts at a school she trusts. From day one she was taken care of and felt safe. In stark contrast to her last school. Where she was tormented from day one by a bully of a teacher. (Some of you will recall my long drawn out horror posts trying to figure out what possessed some of those teachers to be so dreadful.).

Squealer's new teacher is awesome.

This is new too  -she's telling people I'm a writer. Used to be she wouldn't talk about me, because people would ask questions and she didn't want to answer them.
NOW - she's asked her teacher for permission to make me her school project. Squealer and two friends are studying me. (I'll stop laughing soon)
The assignment was to pick a leader.

What really tickles me is that they'd narrowed the list down to: me, Helen Clark, Kate Shepherd, Margaret Mahy and John Key.

Sorry John better luck next time! :-)


Sara J. Henry said...

So VERY happy to hear this. Yay, good teacher! Yay, Squealer!

Cat Connor said...

It certainly makes life easier!!

Imagine having a teacher that teaches and cares?? after what Squealer has been through this is nothing short of a miracle.

Hagelrat said...

This is made of awesome. :)

Cat Connor said...

Yes it truly is!

I have a list of questions from the little darlings - they're not bad!! I'm wondering if someone has actually taken notice of all the interviews I've done?? :-)

I see you...

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