Wednesday, February 10, 2010


On Monday afternoon I went and hung out with the dead folk in St John's church yard. I find it peaceful, despite the main road the runs right past it.

This time I had my camera in my bag - so this is the view from where I sat among the graves on a bench seat. I go there while Breezy is at kindy and read or write. Sometimes I just sit and listen.

View of front door -and the angel that Breezy used to stop to talk to everyday when she was smaller.
Moonshine Road entrance.

Looking back toward Fergusson Drive.


Hagelrat said...

gorgeous, I love cemeteries.

Cat Connor said...

Me too. We used to have picnic's in cemeteries when we were kids, lol. I've done it with my kids too - at old cemeteries down south.

I see you...

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