Saturday, February 27, 2010

I hate when I don't quite know what it is...


I have a few days up my sleeve - well arm really -no sleeves, it's summertime. So anyway - I have a few days. It's rare, and I was quite excited. Crikey, I thought, I can catch up on some reading. (almost finished Cold Zero by Christopher Whitcomb, and I'll be looking for White once I'm done!)

Exciting prospect - reading without guilt.

Then it happened, I heard something.
Something small and yet annoyingly persistent.
Ellie talking.

It took all yesterday before the words took shape and I knew, this was something.

It truly is something.

This something seems to fit between Exacabyte and Satellite.

Now I need a suitably computer geeky term - oh - how about Exhibyte? That's pretty crafty huh?

ha ha ha, sometimes writing a blog is all it takes.

Okay so - looks like there is a another story to be told. I shall now get on with it.

Oh and weekend reading?

killerbyte and terrorbyte (all buy links are available - just pop through the links)

Love you long time... mean it.


Hagelrat said...

awesome. Yay for more books. Oh and I think it's hilarious that Ellie can push you around like that.

Cat Connor said...

I think she's annoying! I was looking forward to time off and spent last night writing what looks like a first chapter!
Growl, grumble... :D

I see you...

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