Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hey, it's Ellie!!

Hey guys,
It’s Ellie here.

While Cat finishes reading through Exacabyte I shall provide you with my favorite links to various things. Because it's fun to do.

First up is the main link to Cat's website. There is a lot to browse on this first page.

Seriously, everything flows from here. You can scroll down to find some of her published short stories, you can click links to view and/or download the first chapters of KILLERBYTE and TERRORBYTE. You can access the pages on the right side of the screen and discover all manner of things.

I do believe this website will keep a person busy and entertained for a few days at least! 

There are videos to watch, stories to read, stories that Cat's written especially to be downloaded and shared, there are even crosswords. 
She has interviews, guest posts, articles, reviews, Works in Progress, poetry. 

Something for everyone.

My next favorite page is this one KILLERBYTE
I love the book trailer! 

Then it's TERRORBYTE. 
An awesome book!! 

Just go explore and let me know how you get on! (I don't think anyone will get lost.)


Karen from Mentor said...

I use a ball of twine when I go in. I just tie one end to an eyelash on the big blue eyeball and spool the other end out as I explore.
Works every time.

Cat Connor said...

LOL, brilliant. So I don't need to provide anchor points and bread crumbs then?

I see you...

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