Thursday, February 18, 2010

Exacabyte - almost done, wanting it gone!

The last two months have been an adventure in crazy. Revising the third Conway novel has been fun, torturous, insane, and hilarious. Today the entire experience hovers between exhaustion and the desire to get it done.
I want it gone.

I know I have a little more work to do before I can send it off to Sara for a read through, and will have more once it comes back before I can send it to my publishers. The desire to get it finished is overwhelming and I now have to listen to my inner drill instructor even more closely. Without him I'd go with 'good enough' and scrimp on those important details, or gloss over scenes that really require fleshing out, because I want it gone.

There have been times over the last week that I've looked at the changes I've made in the document and wondered why I went with such a complicated damn plot. Then I remembered it wasn't me, it was Ellie and it was the case. It's just how it happened. For all that, and all the writing and the re-writing I still wasn't prepared for the discovery I made yesterday. Once I'd uncovered the new twist, everything made a lot more sense.

But I still want it gone.

The other thing that's been niggling away at me is TV/film rights and how one goes about selling a book to well, Hollywood... I suppose.
I ran a query by my trusty friend Graeme Johns (Yes I know he's an Australian, but he's risen above it and is a hell of a nice guy.) he agreed I'd covered everything and commented that my plot is almost interesting enough to sell itself. (We're talking killerbyte here)
So really - the next step would be to hunt out an agent who reps to the film/TV industry. I haven't quite made that step yet -because I don't really know where to start!! (That's not like me - maybe this needs some more thinking time?)
I'm open to suggestions here. Go ahead add your two cents worth. (actually should be ten cents, there is no such thing as a one, two or five cent piece here, and hasn't been for a long time.)

On that note - I'm now going to get back to work.
Hope you all have a fab Thursday... it's humid and grey here, most unpleasant!


Hagelrat said...

have we settled on The Conway series then? Still bouncing about the news.

Cat Connor said...

Yeah settled is a good term - I don't think it's the right series title at all - but the next two books (after number 3) aren't bytes, they're computer terms but not bytes, so am at a loss as to a decent title - I loved death bytes. ;-)

Sara J. Henry said...

Yeah, you'd better clean it up before Brutal Editor Sara gets it! (That's what one person whose book I edited calls me - and this week nearly lost one friend whose stuff I'm copyediting!) Hey, can I show copies (mine are docs) of the first two books to a friend who's involved in TV and movies? I have mentioned them to him and we both think your Ellie series would make a great TV show.

Cat Connor said...

Sara you KNOW I love you! (You're not that brutal!)

And by all means show the books to your tv friend!!

Personally I think they'd make an AWESOME TV series. :-)

Hagelrat said...

yes!! we need a TV series!!

I see you...

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