Friday, February 5, 2010

All I want is everything

Howdy folks, happy Friday to you!

Feels like I've been away but I haven't. Several times over the last few days I've tried to write a blog. It didn't happen. Life is like that.

This morning - I'm dead tired.

I've spent the last few days in Ellie's world. It's hectic there. (Not to mention screwy at times) There's this thread that's been driving me insane. I couldn't seem to follow. Turns out I'm too close to it. Then another victim showed up and tossed a huge spanner in the works - because I dunno where the hell she came from!
Exacabyte seems an apt name, it really does. And just when I thought I'd figured something out - another curve ball. Which is kinda amusing really, as I know how this ends -this is just a revision - or was just a revision.
Who knew I'd find another victim hidden within the pages?

So anyway, how is everyone? Tell me what you've been up to this first week of February. Amazing isn't it? Feb already.

School started back here. Yay and yet not. Squealer is at Intermediate school - has a uniform for the first time, and also has badly sunburnt legs because of it. *Sigh*. She's never been to school in anything but long pants - cos she's so fair she's almost translucent... of course the sunburn is my fault because I never thought about her legs being exposed in the looong shorts that are part of the uniform.
Despite loving her new school and teacher and having her best friend in her class - she's back to her old 'not getting ready' self. It's now become apparent that the 'toilet timing technique' we're using is working - but if I'm engrossed in MY WORK at night and forget to turn the timer on, or don't hear it - she will not go to the toilet. She will however stay where she is and, well, it's nasty. But only at night - at school she's fine. This is getting more bizarre.

The Boy Wonder doesn't start University until March. So he's still home which is good for Breezy -cos she's quite lonely now school is back. Jobaby left on Wednesday for Christchurch and is at Design school.

I now have to go and chase Squealer - she's supposed to be out of the shower and ready for school by now. Bet ya she comes down here without cleaning her teeth first. Because she has visual aids - but I didn't tell her to go and get them and follow them.
Some days thinking for her is just too hard - days when I've been awake all night having to think for me. :-)


Hagelrat said...

Coffee and donuts will help.

Cat Connor said...

Coffee and choc would be better!

I see you...

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