Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yep, me again. (It is all about me!)

I was interviewed a few weeks ago by Jo Linsdell - the interview is now up over at Writers and Authors.

I'll be around over the next few days to field comments etc, so drop by have a read and comment away! :-)

Other news...

Don't really have any this morning. I do however have a migraine - lucky lucky me. Which means I didn't get much sleep.

Bex and the boys are coming over later -that'll be fabulous. Hopefully my head will behave and I will be able to enjoy the visit. Must make some cupcakes too. The boys LOVE cupcakes.

Be good y'all and go wade through the interview... you never know, you might learn something new! :0)

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Jojo said...

well isn't this amusing - apparently I'm Jo Jo. LMAO

Someone forgot to sign out, didn't they???

I see you...

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