Friday, January 22, 2010

Why is it?

Odd question time.

1. Why is it that I come up with the best solutions or ideas for scenes while I'm drying my hair?  We're talking absolute revelations not just, man that's a cool idea... lol.

2. Is it normal for a person to have 30 firearms on their Trademe watch list? :-)  (Is this when I should say we have a new hobby? No it's not putting guns on a watch list, lol.)

3. Why do some girls go over-the-top months after a break-up and send ridiculous texts to boys they once dated? 

4. What is it with ASD kids that makes simple stuff we do every day so damn difficult to comprehend? What really goes on in their heads?

5. How did Breezy get Rubella (German measles) when she's fully vaccinated, and what other vaccines haven't worked that we don't know about yet?

6. What screwy factors are at work to cause this kind of spread over a week: Saturday: killerbyte #18, terrorbyte # 64. Sunday: killerbyte #18, terrorbyte #65. Monday: killerbyte #157, terrorbyte #7. Tuesday: killerbyte #18, terrorbyte #40. Wednesday: killerbyte #19, terrorbyte #27. Thursday: killerbyte #22, terrorbyte #28. Friday: killerbyte#28, terrorbyte #26???  
Monday was especially weird and exciting all at once!

Plug time: 
Songs I listen to most at the moment: 
Casual girl - Lorenza Ponce (available on iTunes and cdbaby)
Lost Highway -Bon Jovi (available on iTunes and Amazon)
23 Days - Jimmy Maguire (available on iTunes)

Books you should immediately buy:
(This is totally self-serving btw)
killerbyte - Cat Connor: available at Mobipocket, Amazon kindle,and  iTunes.
terrorbyte- Cat Connor: available at Mobipocket, Amazon Kindle, and iTunes.

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