Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Walk this way

It's all been rather up and down the last few days.

On Sunday KILLERBYTE was #18 and TERRORBYTE was #65 on the Mobipocket best seller suspense & thriller list. Yesterday TERRORBYTE was #7 -yep top 10 and KILLERBYTE was #157.
Today KILLERBYTE is #18 and TERRORBYTE is # 40. So it looks like they're coming closer together. Wonder if they'll both get to top 20 or even top 10? Wouldn't that be awesomeness?

Today we had a visit from a new (to us) psychologist. Squealers psych left suddenly, after working with her for a  year. Not great timing. Especially with a new school year and new school in two weeks! So it all went well. Looks like we'll get some decent support this year. YAY - it's been a long fight to get help for Squealer. Now she'll have a resource teacher - and cognitive testing, so maybe, just maybe we'll know how she thinks and how to teach her. (Squealer is an interestingly frustrating mix of ADD, ASD, and a co-morbid anxiety disorder.) The hour and a half with the psych was really good. Assessments all done and referrals in place.

Next up was to get Miss Breezy to the doctor. She developed a rash on her face yesterday and now - well -now it's down her arms, legs, torso... looked like measles but she's not sick - she has slight temp and slight sore throat. I thought how odd, measles make you sick and she's been immunized.
Doc had never seen anything like it. He had to research the rash and symptoms.
Turns out she has German measles. Which explains the lack of high temp etc. We have to keep her away from preg women for ten days, otherwise she's mostly fine.

Not sure how well the spots photographed! She's said no more pictures so this is the only one. :-)

I snapped it while she was playing with Bratz.

Hoping that tomorrow is more conducive to working!

Have heaps of revisions I want to get done. This 3rd Conway book is so much fun. :-)
Exacabyte rocks! (I seem to be over my terror that it wouldn't measure up - but I suspect that's only because I haven't slid it across my publishers desk yet!!)

Plug time: 
Songs I listen to most at the moment: 
Casual girl - Lorenza Ponce (available on iTunes and cdbaby)
Lost Highway -Bon Jovi (available on iTunes and Amazon)
23 Days - Jimmy Maguire (available on iTunes)

Be good y'all.


Sara J. Henry said...

You know I'm in line to be a reader for this book!

Cat Connor said...

Your name is top of the list. (Okay it's a short list... but you're still on the top!!)


I see you...

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