Thursday, January 7, 2010


I freaking think so!

Here was me thinking yesterday was splendid. And it was.

This here is the icing... oh yeah... great big gobs of chocolate fudge icing...

Bookwenches review of terrorbyte

Just in case y'all need to rush right out and buy both books... here are the links you'll need. (and a pic of the lovely Breezy! - just kidding, no pics today - need to upload them from camera)

killerbyte - mobipocket
killerbyte - amazon kindle
killerbyte -iTunes

terrorbyte - mobipocket
terrorbyte - amazon kindle
terrorbyte - iTunes


Hagelrat said...

lol, it was a brilliant review. I gather you are excited? ;)

Cat Connor said...

me dear? excited dear? yes dear!

Got no work done the last two days - couldn't concentrate! Then of course by last night - terror set in... what if exacabyte isn't as good???

Oh my god - the pressure... :D

Not thinking about it now -just working! LOL

I see you...

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