Saturday, January 30, 2010

Seven days of Saturday

" all that I need, got no use for Sunday cos I don't rest in peace..."

No prizes for guessing what I was listening to last night -that got firmly lodged in my head. I'm not entirely sure why "I'll sleep when I'm dead" made such an impression. Maybe because I wasn't tired, I pulled out a chapter and was working on re-writing it, almost ditched it completely - I couldn't get it to sound like me. (As odd as that may sound, it didn't and wouldn't sound like me) Then it occurred to me - I was writing with TV going in the background.
I flicked to channel 99 and stopped as I heard the opening bars to 'Bed of roses'. Muttering things like 'What a dumb-ass' - I knew why nothing was working. What was I thinking trying to work without music?
I put Crush in the DVD player... and finished the chapter. I didn't have to throw it away. It worked, it sounds like me, it will probably still need a little tweaking but considering what I started with - it's pretty fuc'n good.

So - a successful night.

This book lets some secrets out. I'm rather enjoying that aspect.

I spent sometime over the last few days - working on a Valentine story. It's coming along rather nicely. :-)

Today I am heading off to Spotlight - Breezy requires new jammies. We're off to locate some flannelette and some pj satin. Should be fun. Of course that means I have to sew later too! Which means fighting the cat. She likes to lie on the fabric so I can't cut it, eat the patterns, slap the cotton reel off the machine, and generally be a pain in the ass. She will have to be locked out of the living areas while I sew -again.

Before any of that happens I'm going to check into Twitter and see if the kiwi girl/Yank/Javert story has has any breakthroughs while I was sleeping. Lauren Baratz-Logsted, A.S.King, Sharen Ford and I were playing with an idea Lauren had... cos A.S King calls me 'Tomorrow Girl' (for obvious reasons), and that sounded like a good title for a book.
Yes it did.
Especially good title for a YA serial killer type book... where the kiwi girl kills her BFF for teasing her about her accent. (Her BFF is an Australian, what with the well-known Aussie speech impediment that turns SIX into SEX she really had no cause to taunt the poor kiwi girl!)

So that was yesterday afternoons bit of fun.

See y'all later.

Be good out there.


Hagelrat said...

Keep the faith babe. ;)

Cat Connor said...

hee hee hee That would be a good album to hear today!

I see you...

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