Monday, January 4, 2010

Road House and other coolness

After a year of searching - yes a whole freaking year... Chris found Road House at Marbecks at the airport.  Woo hoo! That was Saturday - haven't watched it yet -but reveling in the joy that I can, whenever I freaking well want to!

Actually waiting to watch it with Kane. We were both looking for it.

Currently drinking my way through a bottle of Lindauer bubble stuff with Chrissy.

The bottle's empty.

Going to have to open the second one shortly. Despite me calling this shite -'headache in a bottle', I'm drinking it. Already had a headache so figured I may as well. :)

Managing to drink it while listening to country music, cos I needed to. Had 'Amarillo' stuck in my head this afternoon - not on any of my CD's will shortly resort to YouTube.

Now - have a little something I'd like to share. Lorenza Ponce's new single, Casual girl. 
I'm loving it and Miss Breezy is a big fan of Lorenza's since the Lost Highway album. She loves that Lorenza plays the violet. :)
Now you know you'll have to at least go listen, cos Breezy has marvelous taste in music!

And does anyone want to disappoint that face? I think not!

She'd also like you to go buy mummy's books.

(Is that wrong?)

It feels so right, so I suspect it is wrong... lol


Didn't sleep last night - but I did write a brand new first chapter for Exacabyte -book 3, in my head. I knew the book started mid-action and needed an explanation as to how the action came to be. So it has, PLUS - this new chapter gave me an opportunity to introduce Ellie without going through some kind of dry prologue intro thingy. Win win. Best of all - I didn't forget any of it, cos I didn't sleep (I'll sleep when I'm dead - springs to mind) so I managed to write the entire thing this morning as it was in my head, and it works!

Now to go send some fun text's to Kane -cos I'm half-cut and that's what stalkers do.


Hagelrat said...

hahaha, exploiting the child. I likes it.

Sara J. Henry said...

Love the photo.

Cat Connor said...

I am shameless! It's fabulous. :-)

I see you...

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