Saturday, January 9, 2010

"Pain don't hurt."

It's Saturday Jan 9 2010.

Last night I finally had a chance to watch/savior Road House. It's one of those movies I've watched many times over the years... then discovered (to my horror) we didn't buy it on DVD when the VHS died a few years back. After a year long hunt, Chris found Road House at Marbecks at the airport. There was no question of me not buying it. 

Once I had it. I found no urgent need to watch it. Funny that. But last night I put it on and I'm delighted to say it's stood the test of time. It's still the best freaking movie ever. 
No one is cooler than Patrick Swayze as Dalton. (Or the very drool worthy Sam Elliot as Wade Garrett...)

I've had the best week - I really have. A fan letter that made me teary eyed, stupendous review, finished an interview that will be out on Jan 26th - links to follow,  killerbyte hitting #17 and terrorbyte now on #113 of the Mobipocket Suspense& Thrillers list, and Readers Poll votes for killerbyte going strong. (I encourage you to pop through the link and cast your wee vote... for killerbyte!)

And then I topped it all off by watching Road House! Does it get any better than this? 

I wrote a few scenes and tweaked some too. There is a certain amount of pressure being felt regarding Exacabyte because I'm shit freaking scared that it won't live up to terrorbyte... I think this terror is a good thing. 
Because this is book 3, I decided I needed to introduce Ellie - but I can't tolerate dry prologue type intro's. So - it required an entirely new first chapter. Which means the original 1 is now 2 etc - I know at least one person who will be laughing about now. My inability to re-number chapters without screwing up is a long standing one. I have to write down the chapters as I do a find and replace, and tick them off as I change them! And even then it can go horribly wrong...Who knew chapter numbers would be so damn tricksy?? (Ah, Gali where are ya when I need ya? lol)

I'm going to leave you now with this excerpt from BookWenches review - I am spoilt for choice, so will be popping in others as the days go by!

drew me in immediately and kept me intrigued and fully involved throughout the entire novel. It made me think, alternately amused and saddened me, and impressed me with its intelligent and well-crafted narrative." - from BookWenches review Jan 7th 2010


Hagelrat said...

you will be appalled but i've never seen Road House. Cried my eyes out at the Outsiders though.

Cat Connor said...

I am appalled! You must see it!

I have never seen The Outsiders, couldn't bring myself to as the book was so awesome and I couldn't ruin my mental image of Ponyboy... lol

I see you...

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