Thursday, January 14, 2010

Of mice and men, actually make that rats and girls...

We've had a sunny hot day here today - a marked difference to yesterdays coldness. It was 27 degrees (that's Celsius folks!) when I last checked the Trentham weather station.

The only hiccup in an otherwise lovely day was a meltdown by the Squealer. She wants a rat. Daddy told her he wasn't buying a cat snack. Despite loving rats himself. It would not be fair to stress a rodent out with Missy the great grey hunter, prowling around just waiting for a chance to chow-down.

Kids next door got two female rats today.

Oh the meltdown.

Then Kane reminded Squealer that the rats are right next door and she can play with them whenever she wants. Jo Jo eventually hopped the fence and brought back one of the rats for Squealer to play with. So she stopped sobbing and played happily with ratty. (I can't recall it's name, but it's pretty and silvery and likes Squealer A LOT.)
Other than that - nice peaceful day. Kids next door most of it!!  Got lots of work down early this morning. Which was awesome.

Here's a pic of the rat.
It just came over for another visit... and now I must make dinner. 

And decide whether to work tonight or just chill out. Gotta say I'm heading toward chilling... BUT uncovered a really cool plot twist (that I didn't know was there earlier -but of course it was - I wrote it!) and I'd kinda like to get back into the revisions tonight.

We shall see.

Hope y'all had an awesome Thursday. 


Hagelrat said...

That looks like a dumbo rat, so called because they have mouselike ears instead op top of head pointy ones. Dumbos tend to have very placid affectionate natures, and that also looks like a blue. Could not be more gorgeous. I will have to bombard you with photos of the rats I had. Sadly they only live around 2 - 3 years.

Cat Connor said...

It's a shame they don't live very long!
Yes, please pics would be awesome. I love rats!!

I see you...

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